Blog: Alison Week 2

What a weird social experiment and journey this has been. Although I started off hoping to find love (REAL LOVE), I gained so much more… It’s always great when people pleasantly surprise you with their wit and stories of life experiences. I feel like I actually forgot I was on The Bachelor Canada while having a blast with these amazing and beautiful ladies!

Although it’s sad to be leaving tonight, I’m overjoyed with the fact that I can return home to see my family and friends who I’ve missed so much. It really makes you appreciate everything you have. I’m still very grateful for this experience and I will definitely carry some great memories with me.

Even though I didn’t find love on The Bachelor Canada I’m very sure my best friend, partner in crime, soul mate is still out there and I’m hopeful that I will find him soon. Sigh. I’m hands down the hopeless romantic. Thank you to The Bachelor Canada for such an amazing time! Xoxo.