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Tia B


Read Tia's latest blog post:
Mexico was one of the best experiences of my life
Marketing Coordinator
Ottawa, ON
Why did you apply to be on The Bachelor Canada?
I used to believe that I wanted to be a “career woman.” I have slowly turned into a hopeless romantic with age, and am beginning to realize how much love means to me. I get super excited for new experiences, and this seems like a perfect opportunity.
How would your friends describe you?
Happy! People always tell me I am the happiest person they know. That, and also that I am one of the most determined and hardworking people they know.
What are your guilty pleasures?
Swarovski and ice cream! Diamonds are overrated :) Oh, and girls nights!
Tattoo Count:
One. It’s a very simple small outline of a dancer, on my side.
Do you have a favourite book?
French Women Don’t Get Fat.