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Laura B


Read Laura B.'s latest blog post:
Wow, what a dream come true!
Cocktail Waitress
Ottawa, ON
What issues do you feel most strongly about?
Adopt, don’t shop! There are too many animals, even healthy young animals, that are euthanized each year due to a lack of space. We need to have less breeders and puppy mills. And anyone who wants a pet, needs to adopt and/or foster.
Have you ever won an award?
I won “Most Valuable Player” in hockey and other sports when I was younger. I recently won “Top Fundraiser” for the Humane Society.
Tattoo Count:
Four. On my lower back, I have one of a lily and another black design. On my right side, I have a picture of an angel giving a flower to a woman. On my left top thigh, I have small writing that says, “O’hana”, which means family.
What would be your dream job?
A zoologist, studying and working with animals in their habitats.