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Chantelle H


Read Chantelle's latest blog post:
My family means a lot to me and we are extremely close
Sylvan Lake, AB
Tell us something unique about yourself:
I am a Pastor. This is very unique because it’s only been within the last decade that women could hold this position. I really enjoy preaching and doing humanity projects, both in my local communities and around the world! I have even started my own non-profit camp for kids and teens, raising funds to send over 400 kids to camp!
What has been your proudest moment?
Valedictorian for my college graduating class in 2009. I had a blast giving the speech.
What are your three favourite foods?
1. Grapes
2. Dill pickles
3. Starbucks coffee
Tattoo Count:
What offends you?
When people judge me before they know me. People often think I come across as fake, but my happiness and joy are real. That is just who I am!