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Britany B


Read Britany's latest blog post:
Imagine yourself living in the Barbie dream house
Swift Current, SK
Do you have any pets?
Yes, a dog named Annie – she is a rescue dog from Cancun.
Are you a good dancer? What’s your favourite dance music?
Yes, I love to dance to everything. Right now I am really into Zumba, but I love tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and most of all, dancing to anything on the radio around the house.
Describe the dream date you’ve never been on:
I would love to do something adventurous, like bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, or skydiving. I’m generally up for anything, but I don’t feel it’s about the date you’re on and what you do, as much as it’s about the person you do it with.
Tattoo Count:
What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Life is too short to be angry, so cherish the moments you have with the people in your life before it’s too late.