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About the Show

The Bachelor Canada is the Canadian version of the perennially successful The Bachelor franchise on Citytv and OMNI Television. This nine-episode, original, reality series will feature an all-Canadian cast including the host, bachelorettes and of course, the highly sought after bachelor.

The Bachelor Canada will take the cast on a series of romantic and adventurous journeys where the bachelor will get to know each of the bachelorettes, in the hopes of finding his soul mate. The dates will range from group outings to individual rendezvous, from which the bachelor will choose the women to whom he feels the most attracted. At the end of each episode the bachelorettes learn their fate in the dramatic rose ceremony. As the bachelor’s journey comes to an end, he will have the opportunity to propose to one woman in the final rose ceremony of the season.

Commissioned by Citytv’s original content team and produced by Force Four Entertainment, The Bachelor Canada will premiere in fall 2012 on Citytv.