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Check back daily for fun facts about our new Bachelor, Tim Warmels. Don’t forget to check out the Bachelor’s bio page for videos, photos, and more!

Most cherised possesion
What is your most cherished possession?
A photograph of my grandfather from his first day of work.

Of all the places you have travelled, what has been your favourite?
I’ll never answer this question. Half the reason it’s awesome is because no one goes there. And I don’t want that to change.

fave childhood memory
What is your favourite childhood memory?
Catching crayfish bare¬handed in the pond by my house.

long or short hair
Do you prefer girls with long hair or short?
Long, but I’ve been surprised before.

dogs or cats
Dogs or cats?

Dogs. But I don’t hate cats, I would just never have one.

What is your biggest fear?
Spiders. But since travelling in the Australian outback, they’ve become less of a concern.

Hates what his date does this
How would you finish this sentence? “I hate it when my date….”
Is mean to any service staff.

Fave TV Show
What is your favourite TV show?
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Spending six months of the year sailing and six months back in Canada.

Party starter
Would you describe yourself more as “the partystarter,” “the wingman,” or “the laidback one”?
Sigh… I’m the party starter.

Celeb Crush
Who was your first celebrity crush?
Jessica Alba. And still is.

Bar or club
Hot-spot club or low-key bar?
She should be able to rock both.

Fave celebrity
Who is your favourite celebrity?
Bill Murray.

fave food
What is your favourite food?

fave past time
What is your favourite past time?
Bocce ball in a park with cold beers and good friends on a sunny summer afternoon.