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THEY CAME, THEY SAW, THEY TOLD ALL (and in heels, no less)

The Women Tell All is one of the most popular episodes of any Bachelor season. After watching the episode, you now know why. It’s a special night when everyone looks pretty (present company excepted), wears their best dress, and gets their hair just right… then proceeds to kick the verbal equivalent of the crap out of each other.

Lucky me, I had the best seat in the house.

Much of what happened was expected. Gabby had her one-liners flying, Chantelle charmed the hell out of everyone, and we were kept abreast of whose boobs were real whose were not.

The first surprise of the night for me was Tia. She agreed with Melissa Marie in that she didn’t have feelings for Brad, and the girls let her have it. For someone who didn’t have a huge presence on the show, she sure made up for it here.

Whitney did not disappoint. She brought her fierceness, but it was tinged with an unexpected vulnerability and tears that many thought she was not capable of. What you didn’t see was just how hard she did cry, buried by the weight of all the criticism that she has had to endure since the show started airing. Clearly it was all too much for even one as stoic as she. It even prompted a section of the crowd to shout, “We love you Whitney!” At that point, I damn near cried myself.

Brad and Kara spent some more time talking a whole lot and not really saying very much. The chemistry they had was clearly not the “long term” kind.

On his own, Brad sat in the hot seat (he was soooo nervous) and gave as good as he got. His confrontation with Tia exposed a feisty side many haven’t seen, but was clearly warranted.

I think we covered it all. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we kissed, we made up, and we didn’t go to bed angry.

Oh, and you got the chance to see that I do more around here than count roses.

Decision time, Mr. Smith!!