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And so begins the “Women Rip Brad”, I mean, the “Women Tell All.” First off, I’d like to say that it was great to see all the ladies again, looking great, of course. Sitting backstage watching the initial start to the women’s conversation was hilarious because I got to hear what really transpired behind the scenes in the mansion. But more importantly, for me, I got real insight into what they perceived their relationships with me to be.

Obviously it started off with Melissa Marie, whose most reactionary comment was, “I thought they’d have a different Bachelor.” Fair enough, to each his own. That was followed by Tia making the same remarks about there being no instant connection between us.

When I watched girls like Laura B, Kara, Chantelle, Ana, and Michelle B speak, I began to quickly understand, not only the dichotomy of feelings, but the awkwardness of being one of the 25 women on the show. I know I would never be able to do that! Putting yourself out there like that can stir up some feelings of insecurity. There are real feelings involved. Regardless of what the viewers think of the amount of time I spent with the girls, it’s there! The viewers only see these intricate dates over the span of an hour-and-a-half. It’s tough to capture all the experiences, feelings, emotions for one episode when we filmed for hours on end.

Having said that, I wasn’t about to let anyone try to back-track what actually happened to be dishonest, or to make the others who left before them feel insulted by me keeping someone around that told me she didn’t like me. I was completely surprised by Tia’s comments. Thank you, Ana, and others for having my back! But to be perfectly honest, and not to elaborate too much on the situation, I wasn’t there to have every girl like me – I knew they all wouldn’t! I’m far from perfect. I was there to try to make every girl who I had a connection with feel the same about me. But if someone had come up to me and flat out said, “I don’t feel a connection with you,” I would have gone to the producers straight away and told them about it. It was cool if Tia didn’t feel it, but let’s just say the conversation on the beach went …just a tad differently than what she described.

Coming out on stage, I was as nervous as I’d ever been. It was great to see Kara again, but it was definitely awkward seeing her after that long given the way in which she left. And to be honest, after seeing the show and living the experience with her, I was severely thrown aback at the “loved him as a friend” comment, because throughout the show, she constantly commented about wanting to share a life with me, her feelings for me, and ultimately, wanting to get married. Once again, to each their own! I’m not there to judge anyone’s connection with me. I was just was really surprised by that. The thing the fans have to understand about The Bachelor Canada, is that at no point were the producers asking us to say anything we didn’t want to say. Kara is truly a special person and I wish her the best!

I’m so glad I got to see Laura B again, and I hope she knows exactly what Ana and I said is true: She’s amazing! I think this is the experience she needed to understand how great she is! And hearing everyone on stage and the crowd react to her, I hope gives her the self esteem and nudge to realize that! All the best Laura, especially when you’re going post-to-post (she used to be a goalie)!

Just to summarize, everyone’s experience on this show is different. When you watch it back, you relive some things that happened, and for me, many of them were hard to watch. Then, add in the positive and negative comments from the viewers and our perception of ourselves can change. It shouldn’t. We should be stronger, but it’s ultimately the toughest situation to put yourself out there in an attempt to fall in love. It can truly make anyone feel insecure – even if you are a strong and self-assured person. So, when watching the next two episodes, try to understand that regardless of your personal opinions, they are just that – personal opinions. It’s easy (and sometimes funny) to be negative, but each one of these 14 girls deserves a medal for putting themselves out there and ultimately entertaining all of us!

Ps. Great blooper reel!!

Till next week,